Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rand Paul Distances Himself From Jesse Benton Comment

Politico has the details:
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager didn’t hold back when he learned that his boss had a new GOP primary challenger.

“Matthew Griswold Bevin is not a Kentucky conservative, he is merely an East Coast con man,” Jesse Benton, McConnell’s campaign manager, said of the Republican rival.

But the Kentucky conservative Benton used to work for — Sen. Rand Paul — had a more positive assessment. Paul’s response when asked about Benton’s “con man” comment: Bevin is actually a “good” man.

“I don’t have anything bad to say about [Bevin],” the junior Republican senator from Kentucky told POLITICO. “I think he’s a good family man and does mission work.”
Rand has to do this, of course, because while he is supporting the crony McConnell, for strictly political reasons, he is attempting to court tea party members for his presidential aspirations. Tea party members are Bevin supporters.

Politico explains the Rand two step:
So as McConnell descends into a GOP civil war with tea party-backed candidate Bevin to defend his Senate seat in 2014, Paul must perform a careful balancing act: Show complete support for McConnell, all the while avoiding alienating the same tea party supporters who helped him in 2010 and whom he’ll need in 2016


  1. Benton has no idea what he's doing. He's good at his job, but he's not a promoter. He's a destroyer as we've seen with Ron Paul, and he's going to destroy McConnell's campaign.

  2. Jesse Benton is a low level street punk whose modus operandi is to destroy those he disagrees through lies, half truths and unsubstantiated rumors. On behalf of Team Bevin - I thank you ! It will only backfire.
    Truthfully I can think of a more deserving candidate to have his campaign destroyed from within than Ole Mitch McCONell. And I cant think of a better man for the job than Ole Jesse B. Ahhh.. the dying gasps of the GOP establishment. Its like music to my ears.