Wednesday, July 24, 2013

REPORT: McConnell Pushing Rand Paul to End Support to Defund Obamacare

In an email, the Club for Growth writes (red in original):
I’m sorry to be so blunt but this issue is that critical and it is that urgent.
The Senate is gearing up to vote for a continuing resolution that would keep the government funded beyond September 30th - including funding for Obamacare.
Senator Mike Lee (UT) has taken bold and commendable action by writing a letter stating that unless the continuing resolution DEFUNDS Obamacare, he won’t vote for it.
And 14 of his Senate colleagues have also shown remarkable strength and conviction by adding their names to Lee’s letter.

Jeffrey Chiesa (NJ)John Cornyn (TX)Ted Cruz (TX)
Mike Enzi (WY)Deb Fischer (NE)Chuck Grassley (IA)
Jim Inhofe (OK)Mark Kirk (IL)Mike Lee (UT)
Rand Paul (KY)James Risch (ID)Marco Rubio (FL)
John Thune (SD)David Vitter (LA)Roger Wicker (MS)

But now Club for Growth has learned that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) is actually pressuring these Senators to REMOVE their names from Lee’s letter!

(ht Felix Bronstein)

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