Monday, July 8, 2013

Spitzer Has a New Book Coming Out

The Politicker reports:
Former Governor Eliot Spitzer was mobbed by an army of reporters as he made his first campaign appearance this afternoon, five years after resigning from office amid a prostitution scandal. Mr. Spitzer, carrying a clipboard with a single petitioning sheet, was swarmed by dozens of cameras in front of the Union Square subway station and then trailed through the green market as he attempted to gather petition signatures from voters. [...]He also repeatedly mentioned his new book, perhaps fueling suggestions made by some that his run is part of an effort to boost sales. “The book is a good book,” he said on more than one occasion. “It’s called Protecting Capitalism: Case by Case.”
If he is trying to promote his book, he is doing a sloppy job of it. As of Monday evening it doesn't appear to even be listed at Amazon.

Further, the title of the book is not encouraging, given the views he expressed in his last book.

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