Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Developing Super-Steroid Surveillance State

A friend, who travels in certain circles, has just outlined for me the direction the surveillance state is taking. I am absolutely shocked. And you are hearing this from a guy who has not been impressed to date with the Edward Snowden leaks.

I don't want to end up running my life from the transit zone at Sheremetyevo airport, so I won't say more about this (for now), other than that in the very near future just about the only place to hold a private meeting will be in a Turkish bathhouse.


  1. Robert, will this information be coming out soon?


  3. Even with smart dust, micro drones, etc., the greatest asset in past and future will always be people willing to work as agents and informants for a robust secret police force. No technology can match the willingness of a morally corrupt individual who's willing to sacrifice the life of another for their own aggrandizement. There's a haunting scene in "The Lives Of Others" where a Stasi agent tells the neighbor of a surveillance target that her daughter will be expelled from university if she mentions anything to the target. No batteries required.

    By the way: if you see something, say something.