Friday, July 5, 2013

The First Arrest Filmed With Google Glass

John Koetsier with the key points:

Well, it had to happen sometime.

A few rowdy July 4th celebrations on a New Jersey boardwalk turned into real-life Jersey Shore as one of Google’s Glass Explorers happened to be testing the extended video recording option on his Google Glass device.

“I picked up my Google Glass explorer edition last week,” Chris Barrett told me. “I wanted to test Glass out, so I filmed some fireworks, getting a very cool first-person perspective. About 10 minutes after the fireworks, we were walking back to our car, and I just decided to try it out on the boardwalk.[...]

The video itself is pretty ho-hum — you hear the word “fight” somewhere around the 30 second mark, after Barrett walks through a store and onto the boardwalk itself. Apropos of nothing save the date, a chant of “USA, USA” breaks out, and then you see a short scuffle, followed by a shirtless young man being handcuffed, arrested, and led away[...]

That’s nothing we haven’t seen before caught on “tape” by a videocamera or a mobile phone camera, but the fact that Google Glass is a wearable device that, especially at night and in a crowd, might just look like a pair of fashion eyeglasses means that video capture — surveillance, if you will — is easier than ever.

[...]for now, most people don’t know what it is, according to Barrett
“Only two people stopped me on the boardwalk, asking about Google Glass. I don’t think the general population knows what it is yet.”

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