Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This Week in Zimmerman Drama: Zimmerman Was Speeding and Carrying Gun

Great job by the police here. George Zimmerman has probably moved to protect his life and the police release to the online gossip page, TMZ, his general location.

Zimmerman was speeding in Forney, Texas on Sunday, just after noon, when he was stopped by police.  Zimmerman told cops he was headed "nowhere in particular," and informed them he had a firearm in his glove compartment, reports TMZ.

Zimmerman was given a warning, after cops determined he was free of warrants.  He was sent on his way with a polite goodbye, "Have a safe trip."


  1. Stupid fools, he'll have to leave the US and go where there aren't any blacks to be safe.

    1. He's in Texas. We're practically a whole other country.

  2. Welcome to Texas, George. Buy more guns.