Wednesday, July 10, 2013

UPDATE 3: Kokesh Has Refused to Appear Before Judge

WJLA reports:
Adam Kokesh, the prominent libertarian activist and Internet show host, was due to appear in a Fairfax County courtroom Wednesday morning on drug and gun charges.

However, a court official says that Kokesh refused to appear before a judge, so authorities are trying to determine what their next step is. He may be arraigned in his cell or forced to appear in a courtroom on another date.[...]

Regardless of what happens Wednesday, Kokesh has an Oct. 2 preliminary hearing in a Fairfax County court.


According to WaPo,  Kokesh was taken into custody for allegedly being in possession of hallucinogenic mushroom.


  1. Now they arrest you for making unauthorized spaghetti.

  2. The SHILL (Kokesh) proves this is a partially well orchestrated shenanigan by refusing what would cast some doubt about it being a farse.
    LMAO @ so many imbecils who actually believe the likes of this actor, and YES I do mean actor AS IN HOLLYWOOD!!!!
    Gotta LMAO AGAIN!!!
    I'll see all you Jackrabbits (jackasses) commenting negatively on my youtube channel.
    Un chorro de PENDEJOS que son muchos de ustedes!!!

    1. Well you have to admin thats some impressive method acting. REALLY getting arrested, REALLY going to jail, REALLY could be convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison. He should win an Oscar.