Wednesday, July 31, 2013

VIDEO Spike Lee vs CNBC

The Daily Beast has a video clip of Spike Lee's appearance on CNBC.  It is a pretty uncomfortable interview for the anchors not involved in the back and forth with Lee. Check out their body language.

In the clip, Lee tells a CNBC anchor that it isn't easy for him to get major studio financing for his films. He's probably correct. His movies aren't the blockbuster types that major studios are looking for.Though aimed at a different audience, they are probably similar in terms of box-office gross to the movies made by Woody Allen (maybe even less), and Allen doesn't always get major studio backing.

But what caught my ear in the give and take is that Lee said he just sent out letters (pre-internet) to get the funding he needed for his first film. There's a lesson here. Those that are aggressive and keep at it, get what they want. Nobody is handing out cash, jobs, or anything else. Be creative, aggressive and most importantly persistent.

Here's the clip.


  1. "She's gotta have it" is a great flick. Always considered Mars Blackman my altar ego.

  2. Huh? This is the dude that posted Zimmerman's phone and address on the web - it was wrong the first time - and hasn't apologized.
    Yeah, the aggressive get what they want.
    Sometimes because the suckers and weaklings give it to them.
    Maybe he makes good movies.
    He's a pos otherwise.

  3. He is certainly a pos for texting the address and there should be repercussions for that. I wouldn't recommend any of his other movies that I have seen. His camera angles, etc. got too complicated in my opinion. But in the interview, the anchor tells him if he can't get financed, he should just give up. Stop doing what you love and live a life of quiet desperation. No thanks.