Thursday, July 18, 2013

Walter Block on the Difference Between George Zimmerman and a Local Cop

Walter Block emails:
Zimmerman was akin to a private (hence justified) cop. He had every right to do what he did. Martin had no right to resist. The only problem I have with this is that Zimmerman should have had some sort of uniform, or badge. Let's change [the] scenario slightly. Suppose Zimmerman was a real (unjustified govt) cop. There's no doubt there would not have even have been a trial.


  1. Walter forgot to mention that not only would there be no trial but there would also be a paid vacation for the cop.

  2. Once in a blue moon I have to self-promote. I wrote about the very same thing last week. Block is right on.

  3. Block lost me long ago when he started advocating self-induced slavery as some kind of libertarian principle. I don't trust his liberty logic, especially if he's using it justify the murder of an unarmed kid against an armed adult.

    If Walter and I have any common European Jewish ancestors in our family trees, I hope they come back from the dead in his sleep and slap him around a little bit.

    1. You expose your own lazy philosophical thinking in your comment. "justify the MURDER of an unarmed kid"..."justify self defense against a VIOLENT AGGRESSOR, who has broken the non-aggression principal, and who also happens to be an unarmed kid"...Fixed it for you.

      You then double down by wishing violence (ancestral voodoo violence at that) against a man with whom you philosophically disagree. He has committed no aggression, but you wish violence upon him. You are a sad man.

      Lastly, if a man can not willfully sell himself, then he does not own himself. I pity people like you who, from the start, grant their personal ownership to a vaguely defined "state" and call it freedom. It wouldn't be so bad, but you insist on including the rest of us in your auction. Sad, very sad.

  4. I am still unable to agree that Zimmerman had a right to do what he did. Martin was not on Zimmerman's property and he was not acting in any official capacity for the homeowners association or for the community at large. He was a self appointed watch captain that the homeowner's association said they didn't need. To use the justification that a cop would have gotten away with it seems weak considering that since a cop would have gotten away with it regardless of the circumstances since the statists protect their own. Not condoning how Martin reacted but Zimmerman did not have the right to follow Martin. He should of approached him to ask why he was there or driven on by as Martin was not on his property.