Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Yet Again: 'Rand Paul Must Separate Himself From His Father'

This time it is Real Clear Politics advancing the separation:
In order for Rand Paul to broader [sic] his appeal in that regard, he will have to highlight his differences with his father along with personal nuances on hot-button issues like drug decriminalization and foreign aide to Israel.
Real Clear also offers this sad but telling remark from Doug Wead:
“I’ve seen Ron Paul, when quizzed by a liberty person who says, ‘Is Rand going to stick by your principles?’ I’ve seen him kind of roll his eyes and say, ‘We’ll see,’”
RCP also reports:
This venture may prove more difficult for the father to watch than for the more politically dexterous son to execute, Wead suggested.
It's a very good thing that Ron is moving beyond politics, with projects that will advance liberty for a very long time and in a very important way.

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  1. Media trying to divide and conquer. RW falls for it. Different day same rubbish