Thursday, August 1, 2013

"2 Guns" Movie Could Be a Good One

Government lovers will hate it:

From the Salon review:
 “2 Guns” is both enjoyable trash and a fascinating snapshot of Hollywood’s current mentality when it comes to the United States government. I’ve written about this before (regarding the “Bourne” franchise, for instance), but the default setting in thrillers these days is that institutions formerly portrayed as heroic, like the military or the intelligence agencies, are evil, corrupt and pathologically nuts until and unless proven otherwise.[...] Korm├íkur is trying to split the difference between a macho action movie and a “macho action movie.” He wants to make a big hit with big stars and punk the studio with an anti-American satire. It doesn’t entirely work, which is no big surprise, but if you’re craving some irresponsible and amoral old-school August cinema, with no redeeming social value beyond the message that our government has gone insane and we’re all totally screwed, you won’t be let down.


  1. I did like "Shooter". Especially, how they didn't shy away from how the Senator got "fired". Not that killing people is correct or good. I'm just say'n.

  2. Ha! The reviewer just defined "Government Apologist"!! :)

  3. Once again equating anti-gov with anti-American.

  4. The Government ISN'T insane? "Amoral"? Seems like a moral stance to call out government for what it is.