Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Note on Anonymous Posting

Some of view may have noticed that I am again allowing anonymous posting. Blogger seems to have improved its spam filter. However, the filter is not perfect. Occasionally, a non-spam comment will end up in the spam filter. If it does, and you are posting anonymously or by a user name I don't recognize as a regular poster, chances are your post will get deleted.

There are just too many spam comments for me to read them all. Not only are there a lot, but they are cleverly written so that I would have to read deep into the comment to determine that it is spam. I just don't have the time to read through spam comments all day. Thus, if something ends up in the spam filter, I just scroll down the comments quickly looking for users names I recognize, and delete everything else unread.

So be aware, you can post anonymously, but ya takes your chances.  You are much better off using your real name or choosing a nom de comment user name and sticking with it. Otherwise by going anonymous your wise words of commentary may end up deleted, with no one reading them, not even me.


  1. It's nice to be able to comment again, as I do not have accounts with the options you had been providing.

    On my WordPress blog, I have the Growmap Anti-Spambot Plugin.

    All it does is add a check box below your comment to "confirm you are NOT a spammer." And it really works. I don't even have to use Akismet anymore!

    Perhaps there's a version for Blogger blogs?

  2. Thanks, I stopped posting because of the ID requirments.

  3. (Second post. Trying to get by the filter)

    I've been dying to tell you this, Robert Wenzel:

    Please make regular updates to your Rand Paul Resource Page:

    EPJ's Rand Paul Resource Page

    It's being neglected.

    Also, it's your service that is scarce, not your Drudge Formula. You can copy it forever - it's the ACCESS to it that's being restricted.

  4. Testing to see if some comments will post without the need for approval.

  5. This is good to know. It has been frustrating attempting to comment. Especially considering how f-Ed up Google is; I sign in with what I know is the password I created and am unsuccessful, then I change my password and still can't login, then send an e-mail from which I get no response. Guess they're too busy bending over for the government.

  6. Thanks Robert. I'd rather read occasional spam in the comments than be compelled to disclose my identity to casual readers. The bad guys can still find out who I am, but at least make them work for it!