Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cronies and Harvard's Greg Mankiw

Greg Mankiw is reporting that these took Harvard's introductory economic class, EC 10, a course he now teaches::

Ben Bernanke

Lloyd Blankfein

Chuck Schumer

I am not sure I would be proud of this.

Consider this versus the students of Ludwig von Mises:

Fieidrich Hayek--Nobel Prize winner

Fritz Machlup--president of the American Economic Association

Murray Rothbard

Israel Kirzner

Henry Hazlitt

Ralph Raico

George Reisman

Hans Sennholz


  1. how hard is it to teach economics without math?

    1. Apparently very hard since most economists can't seem to do it.

      Don't be over-impressed with mathematical symbols, when they are not needed in some deductive reasoning.

      They mark you as someone that can be easily conned.

      Next time you are in SF give me a ring, I have this great fog making machine I'd like to sell you.

  2. i'm interested in the fog machine, how much?

  3. either did not read the post very carefully or your math may be a bit suspect. Schumer, Blankfein and Bernanke are all older than Greg Mankiw.
    Mankiw is saying that these people took EC10, not that he taught them.