Friday, August 2, 2013

FIRST LOOK: Ron Paul's Broadcast Set

It looks sharp. Here.


  1. Is that a pic of Paul with Reagan in the background? Poor choice of decor considering Paul's history with Reagan and the GOP.

  2. So if this is about spreading the message about liberty, why is it for subscribers only? Answer is that it is not about spreading the message about liberty. He will be preaching to the choir on that channel, cashing in on the liberty movement. All this was predicted when he announced his candidacy for presidency in 2011. He was not seriously running for president but using the Republican machine to raise his public profile so he can cash in on the liberty movement. So far we have a home schooling business and a subscription only TV channel.

    1. So the first noninterventionist foreign-policy institute in US history doesn't count for anything to you, such that the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity isn't even worth mentioning?

      That Institute publishes noninterventionist material for free. Moochertarians should appreciate that.

      Ron reaches wide audiences via television and radio interviews, via speeches all over the country, and via a weekly column. Now he wants to help build up the liberty movement with a professional (and expensive) broadcasting outfit, and you consider this an attempt to earn money.

      Excuse me, but how @#$%^!& stupid can you possibly be? Ron turns 78 in a week, and has all the money he needs.

      As for his homeschool curriculum, do you know of a homeschool curriculum that offers the first six years for free? Again, a moochertarian should be happy about this. The rest of the program is extremely cheap. Or is everyone who works for Ron expected to be a slave?

    2. Tom,

      Don't you understand?

      "Once a libertarian takes money for their work, they must be condemned." - the Moochertarian creed.

  3. That's bull. As far a I cab tell the subscription is free and the homeschooling curriculum is very cheap and some grades are free. Is Ron Paul a slave that should work for free?

  4. One of my favorite things ever is when libertarians chastise those who - *heaven forbid!* - "cash in" aka receive voluntary compensation for the work they are doing.

    Save the blame game for those who use force to extract our wealth.