Friday, August 30, 2013

Gary Johnson Issues Statement on Syria

Former Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson has issued a statement regarding potential U.S. military intervention in Syria. It is a much stronger statement than Rand Paul's. Here is the full Johnson statement:
No one disagrees that the use of chemical weapons in Syria is despicable, and the results tragic. However, those facts alone do not make going to war either justified or even a good idea. And while the Administration can parse words all day long, launching missiles or dropping bombs constitutes going to war.

There is no clear U.S. interest in what is, in reality, a civil war on the other side of the globe. Likewise, there is nothing to indicate at this time that intervening in that civil war will benefit anyone -- either here in America or in Syria.

The consequences of our military actions in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan should be a lesson to President Obama and others who appear determined to act without any meaningful strategic or national defense justification.


  1. During the RP campaigns, it was given that gary
    j. was a sellout M.O.R. politician.

    Well now that RP II has weaseled his way thru this, it's nice to see gary j. stand up.

    Good Statement, Gary!!1 Yay!!!

  2. Who knows? Maybe he took your advice to heart, Bob, and started reading Rothbard. It's never too late to study what real, "hardcore" (as you called it), libertarianism is all about. Let's hope GJ gets more radical over time.