Thursday, August 1, 2013

HOSTILE Now Bloomberg Goes After Spike Lee

From watching recent interviews of Spike Lee, it is clear to me he understands money raising much better than the talking heads at CNBC or Bloomberg.

Yesterday, I reported on the aggressive interview CNBC conducted with Lee. Today, it's Bloomberg. Here is the Bloomberg interview. Pretty much everything Lee says here is correct. From the intro hit job on Lee to the changing dynamics of raising money for films.

I would really be impressed with CNBC and Bloomberg anchors if they conducted interviews with Ben Bernanke in this manner.

BTW: I think at the end he misspoke and meant love conquers hate.


  1. Their aversion to him raising money one way versus another way is baffling.

  2. Hollywood doesnt only do big blockbuster movies. He could probably get traditional funding for any movie he wanted to do. Many cable channels would fund him. So some think hes just using kickstarter because he wants all the profit and is making suckers out of the donors who wont see a dime.

  3. 30 years of film-making and he's still a straight shooter, gotta love the guy.

    Actually I think he's using kickstarter to minimize his risk exposure for the film, but also to build up buzz and a fan base for the movie even before it opens.

  4. Actually seems like an ingenious way to build up buzz and fans - each investor and his immediate social circle are lock ins to watch this new movie