Friday, August 9, 2013

If This Is the Best Response Team Mitch Can Come Up With to Nosegate...

You know they are in trouble. Why would you create a photo that most surely every Kentuckian will be reminded of multiple times between now and the election? You can almost smell the odor.


  1. You cannot overestimate the ability of the National Democratic party and the state Democratic party to shoot themselves in the foot in Kentucky Senate elections.

    Rand Paul was all but defeated in September. Rogers' fifth district was becoming a wasteland because of Paul's softness on illegal drugs. Then the Aqua Buddha ads came out, and the entire Fifth District got mad. Conway will be lucky if he gets elected to any office again ever (and I think he's a fine person who would make a decent governor).

    This is EXACTLY how to shut down an issue like this this early in a campaign: make fun of it. The more Democrats make of this one, the less traction they'll get.

    Matt Bevin needs to quit running ads. He is wasting money now that he will need to actually win AN ENTIRE YEAR FROM NOW. Grimes at least is smart: she's not wasting money in August 2013 that she will need in November 2014.

    Don't get me wrong: I don't like Mitch, and I definitely want to see a good Libertarian in the seat. I just know listening to the Democratic media scream "Mitch's weak" doesn't mean a darn thing.

  2. You are on the wrong blog dude...

    Saying "I definitely want to see a good libertarian in the seat" and complaining about someone be "soft of illegal drugs" are not really compatible. Not to mention the other political mumbo jumbo you are talking about.

  3. Jesse can't stand the stench of Mitch and Mitch can't stand the stench of Jesse but they need each other like shit needs a sewer.

  4. I want to see these two go down... hard. Somebody should let Jaws know that Mitch stole Happy Gilmore's gold jacket.

  5. complaining about someone be "soft of illegal drugs"

    Sorry, that's what I got for rushing a post in 2 minutes or less.

    The Fifth Congressional District of Kentucky is very pro-War On Drugs. I may disagree with them, but that's the reality. Rand Paul was seen as anti-War on Drugs, and the Republicans in the Fifth District decided to either stay home or switch to Conway. The Aqua Buddha ad brought them back in the fold, and alienated a lot of independents.

    I know nothing about Matt Bevin except that he's wasting a ton of money buying state-wide ads 9 months before the primary. If he keeps burning money like he is, then I won't have to know anything about him; he'll be out of the race before January.