Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jennifer Rubin Attacks Rand Paul

She all but calls him a male version of Sarah Palin, and she has the meat in the form of Rand's attempt to bring himself closer to mainstream by declaring that Milton Friedman would make a good Fed chairman.

Her conclusion about Rand:
Paul could certainly educate himself. He could hire knowledgeable staff. But he seems to have no interest in doing so. He prefers instead to hopscotch from one black-and-white ideological touchstone to another. His world view is so narrow or entirely lacking that he assumes (or convinces himself) the facts line up with his extremism.

In the Senate, this is not an impediment to success. Many senators blather nonsense with little regard for the facts. Senators aren’t responsible for much other running their own office (which Rand Paul does abysmally, as we found out from the “Southern Avenger” hire). But someone aspiring for a national profile and a presidential campaign isn’t going to get away with this. Interviewers, opponents and the media will catch him — again and again. That is how Herman Cain and Al Gore became laughingstocks — they repeatedly said things that just weren’t true. Cain didn’t know much about anything.

Running for president is harder than it seems. Ask Texas Gov. Rick Perry. It’s even harder when you are, to be blunt, an ignoramus.


  1. “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

    Maybe we'd be better off just ignoring Rand Paul.


    I DO enjoy your blog.

  2. She's a venomous neocon. Why do you quote her like she's some kind of authority?

    1. But, but, isn't Rand successfully winning the necons over?

  3. Jennifer Rubin should run for president. She'd get to see first hand how quickly people can become laughingstocks.

  4. Rand stood up for 13 hour defending liberty. Mean while EPJ is busy building alliance with Neocons like Rubin and socialist like Nader. what a joke(:

  5. Doesn't this prove that he is not placating the neo-cons? Better a sheep in wolf's clothing than the reverse.

  6. Rubin is a terrible writer, and at best serves as a barometer for whatever talking points the neocons are throwing around that day. I wonder what "staff" she think would be appropriate, perhaps she would recommend Bill Kristol, after all he ran Dan Quayle's office, and has had such a great track record in foreign relations. Hopefully Bezos will fire her, I mean honestly Wenzel, she just sits in her house all day and reads news, then spits out whatever the most corrupt defense industry position is, I think you can find better Rand critics than this. She also thinks John Bolton and Peter King have a better shot than the nomination than Rand, you think Bill Kristol thinks that?

  7. If you mated Jennifer Rubin with Rick Perry, you could glue feathers on it and sell it as a pet.