Thursday, August 1, 2013

Jennifer Rubin: Rand Paul Wants a Domestic Spending Spree

I think WaPo's Jennifer Rubin gets it right, she asks "Did Rand Paul forget what arguments are his?" She writes:
[S]ince the avalanche of criticism from Jewish groups over his defense of the pro-secessionist ”Southern Avenger” he seems to have given up on his scheme to woo the pro-Israel community.[...] 
The fellow who prides himself on small government and libertarian philosophy evidently wants a domestic spending spree. He proclaimed: “Take the $1 billion we spend in Egypt and spend it in America. So when you see the pictures on the news and what’s going on in Detroit, if you live in Detroit and you’re suffering through the bankruptcy of your city, if you see around you the chaos and poverty of Detroit, you look and call The President.” Does he think federal spending cures poverty? Does he really want to spend federal dollars in bailing out Detroit? 
Paul also seems to think there is a shortage of funds for infrastructure spending? (“So the President’s grand bargain to increase infrastructure spending, I’ve got it. It’s here on the floor. Mr. President, call the leadership of the Senate. Tell them it’s on the floor and you support this, that you want infrastructure spending. I have a bill that would do precisely that.”)
In his push for American retrenchment Paul sounds awfully like the liberal president who talks about nation building at home. Paul seems to forget he is supposed to be against throwing away taxpayers’ money. Christie might be more right than we thought. Perhaps Paul is the pork barrel spender in conservative clothing.


  1. I mean comon Wenzel, I'm the biggest Rand fan, but Rubin's writing is awful, she's a hack, sometimes when I read her I feel like I'm reading something written by a fifth grader. This is pure spin as well, all Rand is saying if A. We're not going to cut spending then B. He'd prefer to see money spent here and not in Egypt. Nothing liberal about that, it's pragmatic, something establishment Republicans give him all kinds of grief for not being, all the time. I'm sure that Rubin would love nothing more than for Rand to say that he's not a big spending liberal so she and her friends would be free to advocate state murder all over the globe for another four years, but that's not the case, she's being disingenuous.