Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Journalist Publishes Financial Disclosure Statement

Tim Carney has published the following at Googel +:
Financial Disclosure
Last updated August 13, 2013

My main employer is the Washington Examiner. The Examiner is owned by Clarity Media, which is owned by Philip Anschutz.

My secondary employer is the American Enterprise Institute, where I am a visiting fellow. I understand AEI to be funded by corporations, individuals, and foundations. I have no contact with donors.

Here are all the other organizations that have paid me in the past twelve months:

Federalist Society, speaker. I speak on lobbying, the revolving door, corruption, the law, and growth at Federalist Society student chapters. Some of my speaking part of a series sponsored by the Templeton Foundation. I don’t know anything else about FedSoc’s funding.

National Journalism Center speaker. I speak to NJC interns about reporting and opinion writing. NJC is a project of Young America’s Foundation. I don’t know anything about YAF’s or NJC’s funding.

Regnery Publishing author. I earn royalties from my 2009 book, Obamanomics. Regnery is a division of Eagle Publishing, which is owned by Tom Phillips.

Hillsdale College visiting fellow. I was a 2012 Eugene Pulliam Distinguished Visiting Professor of Journalism at Hillsdale, where I taught a one-credit course, and lectured.

Intercollegiate Studies Institute speaker. I earned speaking fees for speaking to college students.

Atlantic Media freelance contributor. I wrote an article for the Atlantic, and they paid me for it.

I do not own securities in any specific companies, industries, or commodities. All of my investments (almost entirely retirement accounts) are in broad-based mutual funds, such as index funds.

My wife's only outside employment is freelance photography for families, individuals, and her high school alma mater. This was less than $2,000 last year.

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