Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mitch McConnell's Opponent, Matt Bevin: Today on The Robert Wenzel Show

This Week's Guest
Matt Bevin
On Unseating Mitch McConnell in The U.S. Senate 

RW Note: As you will quickly learn when listening to this interview, Matt Bevin is not a libertarian. He is weak on Edward Snowden and pro the 51st state---for starters. That said, as I have argued before, Bevin can be considered a tool in this minor libertarian anti-McConnell skirmish. It is not that Bevin is great, it is just that he is not the establishment libertarian-pretender McConnell, who is sadly being supported by Rand Paul.
Jesse Benton is right, you need to hold your nose around McConnell. Bevin is not so much a breath of fresh air compared to McConnell, as much as a cheap deodorizer. But a McConnell victory will mean, as Benton has predicted, a merger of Team Rand and Team McConnell, which will further muddy libertarian principle with crony establishment opportunism, and confuse the masses. If Thai Dragon Fruit Air Freshener Scent deodorizer is all we have, well then, that is all we have, but it is better than stink. 


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