Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rahmaland Crime Near School "Safe Passage Routes"

As thousands of students made their first day to new schools using Safe Passage routes, a Chicago Sun-Times analysis shows those routes may not be so safe. Chicago Police data show 213 people were wounded by gunfire, and 49 people were murdered during the last school year within a block of the routes used by students.

ST continues:
On Monday, hundreds of city employees lined the routes with a police helicopter overhead. They reassured children walking unfamiliar streets to their new schools, sometimes crossing rival gang turf. 
Around 10 a.m., city workers found the dead body of a man stuffed in a garbage can less than a block from away from the Safe Passage route to Nicholson Tech Academy in Englewood.

Rahmaland: You walk the streets and you take your chances.

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