Monday, August 12, 2013

Rand Paul to Schmooze NYC Donors

NRO's Robert Costa reports:
On Monday and Tuesday, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky will be in New York City, where he’ll huddle with longtime aides and court donors.

“There will be meetings, receptions, and a fundraiser that’s expected to bring in six figures,” says a Paul insider. “He’s also doing a lot of press.”

The senator is set to take an early flight from Kentucky to the Big Apple on Monday morning. First up is a lunch in midtown Manhattan with supporters, then an interview with The Daily Show at Comedy Central. In the late afternoon, there’s a big-dollar reception for his political-action committee, Rand Paul Victory; in the evening, he heads to Fox News for a live interview with Sean Hannity. On Tuesday, he’ll do a slew of morning television hits, meet with the editorial board at the Wall Street Journal, and host another power lunch at the Women’s National Republican Club near Rockefeller Center.

Officially, the trip is to promote the new paperback edition of his book, Government Bullies. But behind the scenes, Paul’s inner circle is looking to make inroads with wealthy New York City Republicans – a group that has long been close to Paul’s rival, New Jersey governor Chris Christie.
Let's see how libertarian Rand can stay during this trip. Don't get your hopes up.

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