Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rand Paul Won't Back Challengers Against Crony Incumbents

Rand Paul told The (Columbia, S.C.) State this week he has no plans to get involved in U.S. Senate races where incumbent “Republicans” are on the ballot.

“You know, at this point my position is that I am trying to stay out of races that have incumbents, so that’s what my decision is at least for now,” Paul told the paper.

Fitsnews comments:
We hope Paul reconsiders this decision. He has an obligation to stand for candidates who support the ideals he claims to support – and oppose those who don’t. Furthermore, if he decides to stay on the sidelines in critical races … he should not be surprised when we stay on the sidelines when he runs.

HT to Nick B, who also notes:  The comment from "greenville lawyer" that's getting all the "thumbs up" is interesting too

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  1. Should be mentioned that while in the house, Ron Paul had a standing rule to not endorse in primaries where there was a Republican incumbent. That said, I hate Lindsey Graham, and hope that either Lee Bright or Nancy Mace get to represent SC. Or really, just not seeing Graham would be great. That is, if you're into that whole, government thing.