Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ron Paul: Rand Would Be a Capable President, Compared to the Rest of the Candidates

Politico is reporting that Ron Paul told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that Rand is:
certainly capable [of being president]. Compared to the rest [of the candidates], yes he certainly is capable. 
You have to believe in something and understand economics or you just keep doing the same thing and deficits keep running up.
Rand recently proposed fighting big government by cutting spending by 1% for 5 or 6 years.


  1. That 1% cut per year is indeed very modest, and yet it is far more than the state will ever countenance. Rand doesn't seem like much compared to Ron, but he is still too dangerous as far as the government is concerned. They will never allow him to be president.

    Unfortunately, the parasite will die only after the host is physically unable to sustain it.

    1. Actually it's not "far more than the state will ever countenance." Spending was cut 1.2% annualized in Q3 2011 and 1.3% annuaualized in Q1 2012. That does not include inflation. Add in Peter Schiff's 6.2%/year inflation (see how he measures inflation with the Big Mac) and you have serious spending cuts.

      Federal Government: Current Expenditures (FGEXPND), Percent Change from Year Ago, Quarterly, Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate
      2011-07-01 -0.1
      2011-10-01 -1.2
      2012-01-01 -0.3
      2012-04-01 -1.3

  2. Well, Ron wouldn't be much of a dad if he cut his son off at the knees. Only God can get away with that one.

  3. I wouldn't sneeze at 1% compounded over two terms when the alternative is what we see today.

  4. Now, please add this article to the Rand Paul Resource Page:

    EPJ's Rand Paul Resource Page

    It's a one-stop reminder that Rand is a sell-out.