Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ron Paul: The Republican Party Diluted the Tea Party

During his Reddit AMA session, Ron Paul had this to say about the Tea Party:

The Tea Party was actually started during the Ron Paul presidential campaign in 2007 when there was a spontaneous moneybomb that was done on the anniversary of the original tea party…What happened after that was that a lot of people came onboard – including Republicans – who watered down some of the beliefs, and certainly changed the opinion of some on foreign policy so that the original Tea Party movement was taken over by the Republican Party.
Also, Lew Rockwell reports that more than 10,000 sent questions to  Dr. Paul during the session.


  1. The Tea Party Started In 2007 And Ron Paul Is The Godfather

  2. Hey wait! Ron Paul is lying! Glenn Beck says HE started the Tea Party movement! And we all know Glenn Beck never lies...

  3. Ron Paul is the father of the TeaParty I was there

  4. I went to Tea Party rally in Columbus, Indiana back in 07 or 08 not long after Ron's money bomb. The featured speaker was congress critter Mike Pence, now lead overload (Gov'na) in Indiana. He once compared his visit to a market in Iraq to shopping in Indiana. I'm not sure if he uses attack helicopters for protection while shopping in Indiana. I didn't stay and I didn't attend anymore rallies.

  5. As an actual grass roots movement, Ron Paul is definitely the father of the tea party movement and the Republican Party together with their allies did indeed take over, dilute and in my opinion destroy the movement.

    However, since the Boston tea party was a historical event, it has become a literary device as well. As a literary device, it has often been used to symbolize the public's refusal to submit to the abuse of a ruling class.

    Back in 2002, prior to the Ron Paul movement, one such attempt to use this literary device was made by the "Citizens for a Sound Economy", which I believe was under the influence of the Koch brothers. Evidence of this can be found on the "Way Back Machine", a website that stores old web pages:

    Many "progressives", use this fact to assume away the inconvenient existence of the Ron Paul movement. However, it needs to be noted that the CSE's use of the term "tea party" has no significance. It did not do anything. It did not develop and spread ideas to anybody. It did not create a movement. The Ron Paul fund raiser in 2007 did all of those things.

    1. michelle bachman claiming to be the founder of the tea party is nauseating to say the least! the republicans have literally set up this movement so it is totally controlled by the right and demonized by the left rendering this once grass roots movement ineffectual at best