Friday, August 23, 2013

Ron Paul Says No to 2016 Presidential Run

The Hill reports:
"No I do not. I do not have any plans like that," he wrote in response to a question submitted on the social media platform Reddit on whether he'd run again for president in 2016. 

"I am going to pursue what I have been doing since the 1970s which is to promote the cause of liberty — the format and the technique will be different," he added.

But he didn't entirely close the door on a run. He closed his answer by stating, "I have no plans to run for office at this time."


  1. Ok, Ron Paul is NOT going to run this time and I don't blame him. Too many idiots out there with their head up their rear ends to listen. Politics will NOT solve any of our problems.

    1. In addition he will be 81 years old.

    2. True I'm not worried about his age. After the last election we both know the game is fixed and no one will ever be president who believes in liberty. Politics can only be used for evil.