Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ron Paul's Pick for Fed Chair

Fortune magazine reports it is: No One.

According to Fortune, here's what Ron Paul had to say via a spokesperson:
Dr. Paul would prefer we get rid of central economic planning via a central bank. All mentioned candidates believe that one person or a committee has the knowledge to dictate the correct interest rate and rate of growth of the money supply, which they do not.
The main point is that Dr. Paul doesn't believe the current failed policies of the Reserve would change if any of the mentioned candidates were to become Fed Chair.


  1. Again showing the difference between Ron and his idiot son. Rand is apparently a fan of Lincoln and Friedman. Glad Murray rothbard isn't alive to see this!

    1. Actually Rand's answer for Fed Chairman was no one.

  2. Dr Paul once again reminds us what it means to be libertarian. He shames us all.