Thursday, August 29, 2013

Slate Weighs in On Rand Paul's Weasel Words on Syria

Slate's Emma Roller translates Rand Paul's statement on Syria.
So he's for having a debate—in most instances, "I encourage the debate" is pol slang for, "I don't want to take a side on this issue yet." And he says getting involved wouldn't necessarily be good for the U.S. But he's not counting it out! 


  1. Wenzel you lost all your credibility when you begged Post owner not to fire your neocon buddy Rubin. No body cares what you think no more.

    1. Wenzel called for open debate, leaving Rubin and adding libertarian commentators. Are you against open debate?

  2. Rubin is pure poison. She is not even a journalist in a true sense of the word. More like a paid Zionist propagandist. And Wenzel wants her to be part of the debate, really?

  3. Rand Paul > Wenzel

  4. Rand Paul 2016.

    Peace, liberty, privacy, and a balanced budget.