Sunday, August 11, 2013

Spitzer Spent $2.6 Million on Race for Comptroller Last Month

NyPo reports:

The former Love Gov spent a whopping $2.6 million on the race for comptroller in the last month alone — more than 10 times that of his rival Scott Stringer, new campaign finance records show.

Spitzer, who’s self-funding his campaign, has put in $3.7 million since declaring his candidacy on July 7.[...]

Spitzer — who once threatened an upstate lawmaker by saying, “I’m a f--king steamroller, and I’ll roll over you and anybody else — has steadily filled his coffers, dropping a cool $500,000 on July 15, followed by $425,000 two days later.

And on July 24, he gave his campaign $2.72 million.

Meanwhile, Manhattan Borough President Stringer has raised a comparatively paltry $310,595 and spent $173,355 in the same filing period from July 12 to Aug. 5.

Stringer, who raised about $4 million so far, received about $1.5 million in matching funds. He has $4.6 million on hand.

Spitzer lawyers have told the Campaign Finance Board that he’s not planning to spend more than $12 million in the entire race.

If that holds true, Spitzer has $9.4 million left to spend until the primary on Sept. 10. That’s twice the cash Manhattan Borough President Stringer currently has left in his coffers.

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  1. Yeah, why not spend $10M to get a job that pays $180K/yr...