Friday, August 16, 2013

Still Trying to Understand This...

If I accidentally tapped into area code 202 (Washington D.C.) phone calls instead of area code 20 (Egypt), how many seconds would it take for  me to realize the calls I was tapping into weren't coming form Cairo, if I heard stuff like this on the taps:

"Yeah, I am on my way to Union station to take a train to New York City."

"Let's meet for drinks at Capital Grille, after work."

"I have tickets for the Nationals game tonight.  They are playing the Boston Red Sox."


  1. Even more than that, 202 is an area code and 20 is a *country* code. Most forget in the era of cell phones, but we used to have to dial '1' before the area code, which was the country code.

  2. You never know what you might hear if you accidentally put your ear to the right keyhole in Imperial City and some other people might be very grateful for that.

  3. Meanwhile, another voice chimes in here

  4. Opps can explain it all away. Lol