Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Best Introduction to Economics

After doing some research that caused me to browse through Murray Rothbard's Making Economic Sense, I am beginning to think that it is the best introduction to economics. It is a much bigger book than Henry Hazlitt's Economics In One Lesson, but it covers many more modern day topics. From the flat tax to the neocon welfare state to the problems with price controls to the nature of gold as money to the problems with Keynesianism, it is all there.

What's great about the book is that it is a collection of  Rothbard essays on different topics, so each chapter stands on its own. The book can be read from chapter to chapter, but if a reader is curious about a certain topic, the reader can jump right to that chapter and get a blast of Murray and his unique invigorating writing style on that topic.

When people ask me what is the best introduction to economics, from now on it is going to be Making Economic Sense


  1. free online at Mises.

    Making Economic Sense
    by Murray N. Rothbard

  2. Another great one is Essentials of Economics by Faustino Ballve. He nails it in 100 pages.

  3. https://mises.org/document/899/Making-Economic-Sense