Friday, August 16, 2013

The Growing Police State and the Chilling Effect

A journalist emails me:
Last week brought a scary experience. Got approached by an alleged leaker … Was too scared to receive anything. Had to refer him to [Name removed], which has the legal wherewithal, even though he turned to me b/c he said he trusted me. On the other hand, entrapment was also a concern. What does this tell you about Police State USA? That realization hit home for me. Never b4 had I been afraid. Not even under The Shrub.


  1. Maybe it is time we all went to our police departments and ciyy councles and asked [ who's side are they on}
    If they are not on the peoples side then we need to fire them and defund them.

  2. [ who's side are they on} - Ha. Like you have to ask?

    "we need to fire them and defund them." Ha Ha. ...As if you could.