Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Two Colorado Counties Will Vote on Whether to Secede from State

NRO reports:
A group of northern Colorado counties are taking more steps toward establishing the 51st state: Two more countries will ask residents if they want to secede the Centennial State on a ballot this fall. Phillips and Weld counties are the fourth and fifth counties to put the question for a vote, following Cheyenne, Sedgwick, and Yuma.
Phillips and Weld county commissioners announced that they will place the question on the ballot, and both seem confident that residents will pass it. Weld County commissioner Sean Conway predicted locals will vote for secession by a 60–40 margin.[...]

Four more counties are set to decide by the end of the month whether they will join the movement to secede. Logan and Washington counties are expected to make a decision later today, Kit Carson County will settle the question tomorrow, and Morgan County has set an August 26 deadline.

If voters go for secession this fall, it will be the first step in what would be a long journey in eventually creating a new state. Both Colorado’s state legislature and the U.S. Congress would need to approve the partition proposal. Four states have been established from existing states: Kentucky (from Virginia), Maine (from Massachusetts), Vermont (from New Hampshire and New York), and West Virginia (from Virginia).
This could get interesting. The avalanche may start in Colorado, but it is unlikely to end there. Then what is the Congress going to do?


  1. That can't be right, since our dear leader told us that 90% of the poppulation was down with gun control. /s/

  2. I use to live in Lakewood, Colorado, a suburb of Denver, with lots of Federal Employees working at the Denver Federal Center.

    I remember Weld County as being very agricultural and oil and gas based; the landowners there are very likely to vote for; but Colorado’s state legislature and the U.S. Congress will vote against.

  3. The slave masters get to vote on whether to free the slaves.