Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Uncle Rand: Mitch McConnell Might Be Holding His Nose

Here's bizarre support for Mitch McConnell from Rand Paul, who admits he knows nose holder Benton--which should not come as a surprise, since Benton is married to Rand's niece. Politico reports
Sen. Rand Paul weighed in on the controversy between Kentucky Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell and his campaign manager on Tuesday, saying it’s McConnell who may have to hold his nose.

Paul was asked on “CBS This Morning” about remarks from McConnell’s campaign manager, reported last week, that he was “holding my nose for two years” to benefit Paul in 2016.

“The funny thing about that is, I know the campaign manager well, and I’ve been on a campaign bus with him before, and I’m guessing it’s McConnell who has to hold his nose sometimes,” Paul said Tuesday.

“Meaning?” Charlie Rose asked. 
““We’ll just have to let that stand as is,” the senator said.
Still, he defended the campaign manager, Jesse Benton, who worked on Paul’s 2010 campaign for Senate, and said he will work hard for McConnell.
“I’ve met and worked with the campaign manager, and I see nothing but sincerity and desire to really to have Sen. McConnell reelected. And I think he’ll do everything within his power to make that happen,” Paul said.

So I guess Uncle Rand is telling us that Benton farts on the bus. It appears that Uncle Rand will stop at nothing to advance his cause.

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