Monday, August 26, 2013

Washington D.C.: "People Now Come To This Town To Get Rich"

This is a great interview on how Washington really works, take the time to watch.

(ht Taylor Conant)


  1. I have watched a couple of interviews with this Author since the book came out. Although he doesn't highlight what should be done to dissolve the situation, he clearly notes that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. They are all one in the same in that wolf den they call D.C.

  2. They never say the phrase, but this interview near perfectly sums up the problem of regulatory capture!

  3. Central government coercion and power to print 'money' are the metastasizing tumors. The Founders gave us tools to protect against both, which we have discarded, recklessly and foolishly and terminally. Interestingly, at the beginning of the interview, Moyers, who is way 'inside,' says reading the book will ready one for revolution.

  4. After watching the video, I have determined that the name of this book should be changed from "This Town" to "Missing the Point" or "Missing the Forest for the Trees".

    While the author tells a true story of how Washington D.C. works, he has no idea why it works that way. Any unconstrained organ of socially accepted coercion will necessarily promote numerous forms of lobbyists.

    I had to laugh at the way that both Moyers and the author lament the culture of D.C. while at the same time praising the cause of the culture. They weep over the way that Gephardt turned from a union and Obamacare loving, interventionist "nice guy" to an evil lobbyist. The same for Dodd. He once wrote the glorious Dodd-Frank bill, but now he an evil master of the crony universe.

    They seem to have no idea that government protected unions, government health care regulation, government financial regulation and economic interventionism in general are the very causes of environment that they claim to loath.