Thursday, August 1, 2013

What Did Edward Snowden Really Tell Us That Siskel and Ebert Didn't Know in 1998?

Maybe Snowden highlighted the NSA spying with more specifics, but anyone paying attention would have suspected these things were going on long ago. Indeed, even in the commentary by Siskel and Ebert, especially Ebert, at the end of this 1998 review of Enemy of the State shows the suspicions that were known about state spying.

On another note, it is interesting to see how far off Siskel was in giving this film a lukewarm thumbs up. The film has become a classic  that, a long time ago, warned us about developing government surveillance.


  1. James Corbett had a good podcast on this movie and predictive programming recently

  2. that film has a strange line in it. when investigating the bio of the evil NSA spy chief the protaganists comment on his birthday. "September 11th, 1940". Perhaps a nod to what happened on that day. George Stibitz of Bell Telephone Laboratories used his Complex Number Calculator (CNC) to demonstrate remote computing for the first time on September 11, 1940*.

  3. Gene Hackman may be the best candidate to portray Murray Rothbard in motion picture.