Friday, August 16, 2013

You Can Say That Again, Fred


  1. The purpose of the constitution was to guarantee repayment of the war debt in gold. Shay's Rebellion was "threat" used to justify the consolidation of power. The first ten changes (bill-0-rights) were added to convince people to vote for it. Spooner said it best. It either calls for the current gov or it failed to prevent it. Either way, it is not worthy of praise.

  2. The Constitution is a faux contract. None of the people who signed or ratified it are alive today, yet we are bound by it?! Utter nonsense.

  3. No, the purpose of the Constitution was not to guarantee the repayment of the war debt in gold. Read The Federalist Papers sometime.

    1. Did it intend to create what we have now? (I think so) If not, did it prevent it? (I think not) Did it pay off the war debt in gold? (I think so)