Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Bit More on the Wife of Michael Hastings,Who Has Been Shooting Down Conspiracy Theories About the Death of Her Husband

Far from any smoking guns here, but still very interesting.

We already know via Wikipedia that Hastings' widow, Elsie Jordan:
[...]served as a director for communications in the National Security Council from 2008-09. She worked in the White House Office of Presidential Speechwriting, at the U.S. Embassy, Baghdad and for the Commanding General's Strategic Advisory Group at the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan, as well as speechwriter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
Cheri Roberts at OpEd has more:
Michael had been living in LA [alone] for at least 6-months  renting two apartments in the same building; one for living, one for writing.  
Michael and Elise Jordan had been married less than two-years at the time of his death.
In less than a year of marriage, Michael and Elise were technically physically separated for large amounts of time by this move and careers. Worth a glance, if you look at this video of the two of them from last summer [2012] , you will notice they do not behave as a loving couple, let alone newlyweds in comparison to the reporter John Avalon and his wife. In fact, the bubbly-ness and warmth Elise usually exudes [in other media appearances] is completely lacking in  this CNN piece .


  1. I highly doubt that Jordan really believes that it was just a "tragic accident," and can only imagine three reasons for her saying so.

    (1) She has been threatened to keep quiet.
    (2) She is attempting to deceive the culprits into thinking she wont cause trouble, so as to later exact vengeance. (least plausible)
    (3) She was involved in whatever happened to him.

    Of the three possibilities only two and three are mutually exclusive.

    I would like to point to an individual- Staff Sgt. Joe Biggs- who has been on the Alex Jones show many times (see youtube), as well as an appearance on Megyn Kelly's show. He was an Army buddy of Hastings from a Unit Hastings was attached to and one of the people Hastings contacted by email before he was killed- which Biggs went public with.

    According to Biggs, at the funeral she told him that she wanted to get whoever was responsible. Shortly thereafter Biggs was told by an unknown person, who answered Elise's phone saying she was a friend, to back off any further investigation.

    So if we are to believe Biggs, its clear that either something happened between the funeral and her appearance on CNN, or what she said to Biggs at the funeral was some kind of manipulation.

    Again, I recommend people take a look at some the Jones interviews.

  2. She reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife in "Total Recall."

  3. LOL!!! I recently watched the remake in which Kate Beckinsale plays that role. The reveal scene is hilarious because she switches to speaking in her British accent when she starts kicking Collin Ferrel in the face and trying to kill him. I am actually thinking of reviewing that movie on my blog- just click the link on my account name- so I'll probably be referring to her as Elise Beckinsale.

  4. Watch the interview she did with Ron Paul. Here eyes are literally fixed in one position the entire time. It was kinda strange, I thought.

  5. When combined with the rumors about Murdoch's wife, it kinda makes you go Whoa!! who IS that on the other side of the bed???

  6. That's her story and she's sticking to it...

  7. I watched the CNN video. Mike and Elise aren't behaving any differently than the other couple. Mike and his wife had been friends since the loss of his girlfriend in Iraq, not just for the period of their marriage, as Elise said. And Mike expressed affection for her. Sheri Roberts is distorting things.
    Elise vowed revenge at the funeral personally to Biggs. Later, when Biggs was set to go to LA to investigate, she tearfully, Biggs says, begged him not to go. My supposition is that she had been warned that Biggs would be killed. Her behavior is only mysterious to people who are naive. Hastings was murdered in that gruesome obvious fashion by Stan McChrystal's JSOC buddies in order to send a message to the Obama administration about "civilian control of the military", that being that nobody screws with Generalissimos like McChrystal and Petreaus, not Presidents or Congressmen or even the Pentagon.
    The chain-of-command, legitimate military or any other legal body has no control at all over JSOC. That's the message. And Elise Jordan's close connection with Washington officialdom gives that message a special point. Sure she was threatened. She's got family to think about. Far from civilian control of the military there isn't even military control over the Special Forces, those mechanics who brought down the WTC and attacked the Pentagon using military explosives from Laurence Livermore National Labs