Monday, September 16, 2013

A Shakespearean Twist To the Upcoming Soros Wedding

Billionaire oligarch, George Soros, 82, is getting married this week to Tamiko Bolton, 41.

According to reports, the wedding will be a 3-day event. Day one will include a private dinner at the Museum of Modern Art. The following day, about 900 guests have been invited to a ceremony at the Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts, the Westchester County complex famed for its Italian Renaissance-inspired buildings and lush gardens.

Te day after that, there will be a smaller luncheon for about 100 close friends and family of  Soros and Bolton.

And for a Shakespearean twist, get this, a sign that all that starts well doesn't end well, NyPo reports that Michael Douglas is hiding out at Soros’ house in Bedford, NY following his split from wife Catherine Zeta-Jones.


  1. what about now? is she another from the power elite who is trying to rule the whole world? maybe she has plans to destroy all libertarians.

  2. Anagram for Tamiko Bolton: Bank me loot to...

    Just sayin'

  3. We shouldn't be surprised that he's marrying someone half his age. What a creep.

    1. you know nothing about MR.Soros to say something like that

  4. Steve has obviously never met the man, so probably best not to judge. Mr. Soros is not only one of the most generous people in the world, he is also brilliant and kind to those who know him.

    1. What about the 7,112,750,000 or so of the rest of the people in the world?

      Funny how the self described 'more humane' progressives find ways to rationalize horrid treatment of others.

      In example:

      = Late term abortion? Poor (mutilated) baby probably wouldn't be loved by her "mother" anyway.

      = Supposed humane animal charities making appeals for donations w/visions of apparently neglected and/or abused animals saying nothing about how many they euthanize.

      = Progressives screaming 'freedom of speech!' until it's speech they don't care for. THAT'S when the poop starts flying (actual human feces as in OWS)!

      Karma PLEASE deliver to this man and his cohorts all that they deserve while there is something good left in the world to save and please can it be in public!

  5. Looking at their picture they do look like: MORTICIA ADAMS WITH THE CORPSE! Probably a perfect match (made in Hell) after all :)