Saturday, September 7, 2013

Al Franken Leaning "Yes" in Favor of Attack on Syria

Defense News reports:
Franken and other lawmakers huddled for nearly three hours with Pentagon, State Department and intelligence officials about Syria during a rare Friday afternoon classified briefing for all lawmakers.

He rarely takes questions when traversing the Capitol complex. But he talked to reporters Friday, saying he wants to make sure any use-of-force resolution's language is narrow enough to place limits on any US military operation.

Franken says it is important for the US to let Bashar al-Assad and other world leaders know they cannot use illicit arms without repercussions. He placed himself into the "leaning yes" column.


  1. I get it now.
    Progressive means you are a person who favors progressively enlarging MIC.

  2. And what bribe did Franken get for leaning yes?

    The fact that Franken is in the senate at all should be all the evidence one needs to conclude that our political system is broken.

  3. There is an online report, acknowledge by Activist Post among others, that the alleged poison gas attack in Syria was staged by a US defense contractor, TechWise. Read the associated emails demonstrating this report. This report does help explain the bizarre impression left by those videos of the alleged attack and may answer some particularly burning questions: How was a sufficient number of rescuers able so quickly to get into the poisoned area and drag the bodies to a safe place where they were - neatly in a row - then photographed? It has been speculated in the Kerry camp that Syrian forces - they cannot prove that Assad gave the command or knew about the plan, if there was one - aimed at rebels in retribution. Retribution for which specific act? Which rebels? Or, more to the point, what did they then do - just turn and hit innocent victims instead? Where are the videos of the poisoned rebels? The village struck in the alleged attack had posed no threat to the Syrian forces. Email your representative - and email Franken, too.

  4. I grew up with him. He is a kind, thoughtful, extremely smart man. One of the biggest UFO tour guy. And a funny guy.