Monday, September 2, 2013

American Samoa, Nancy Pelosi and the StarKist Connection

As a follow up to my post, There Are 18 Different Minimum Wages in American Samoa, Guess the Result?, Hunter Lewis points out to me that, when Nancy Pelosi was House majority leader, almost all legislation before Congress would include a special reference to American Samoa.

Hunter says this was no accident. Pelosi's congressional district includes San Francisco, which is headquarters to Del Monte Foods, at the time the parent company to StarKist Tuna, the major employer in American Samoa. Even when the 2008 bailout bill was before Congress, Pelosi added to the final version a $33 million earmark credit for American Samoa.


  1. Didn't her husband and she own stock in parent companies like Dole Foods?

    I think they did. She's a peach. Keeping those margins down for the shareholders and levitating the stock price....Oh how I'd love to see their equity trades on their tax returns...

  2. Only 33 million? Somethin fishy here!