Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Become an EPJ Intern

I am looking for two interns, one for some work I need done on a daily basis for the EPJ Daily Alert and another for a research project I am going to be conducting.

For either position, you can be located anywhere in the world, we can communicate  back and forth via the internet and telephone.

For the EPJ Daily Alert  position, you will be required to track certain market data for me and report the data to me on a daily basis. You will learn a lot about how I view market activity and how I attempt to anticipate market trends.

For the research project, I am looking for someone who is good at finding data on the internet from government and other data sources and who is also very comfortable with statistics. I suspect that if the research on this data proves out the way I expect it to, it will provide important news insights on certain parts of government policy.

If you are interested in either position, please send me an email telling me which position you are interested in and why I should choose you. Feel free to send along a resume if you have one, but if you are still in school that is fine.

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