Monday, September 9, 2013

Hillary Clinton to Speak on Syria

Hillary Clinton will make her first public remarks about Syria today when she makes a visit to the White House for an unrelated event, a Clinton aide told Politico.

Expectations are that she will come out in favor of an attack.

Politico also reports that she’s expected to make longer remarks about the issue tomorrow evening, when she gives a speech at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, where, get this, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will be honoring her.


  1. The unrelated event is likely The Carlyle Group's annual investor meeting.

  2. Lets see, what is the chances of Hil offering to offering to peaceably settle DC's issues with intransigent states around the world? If not then she has to very carefully sidestep the issue given the huge public disapproval of any new war as well as keeping the war machine onside.

    1. Update; Hilary will now not be saying shit about Syria.

    2. Technically she said that this CW deal had been Obama's idea all along and he had been pushing it on Putin for months.

  3. Now if we can just get her to sit and stay... [Forget roll over, the mental image is just too horrifying.]