Monday, September 9, 2013

Koch Brothers Spend $7.2 Billion To Acquire Conglomerate/Drone Parts Manufacturer

Molex Incorporated, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Koch Industries. Molex will become a standalone subsidiary of Koch Industries. Koch Industries will pay approximately $7.2 billion for the firm.

Of note, prominently featured on Molex's industries page is the conglomerate's ties to the military-industrial complex:

Aerospace and Defense
By providing faster, smaller, lighter and more cost-effective COTS, harsh environment and military-grade solutions, Molex brings a wide range of technology and innovation to the aerospace and defense industry. Molex continues to develop, an array of integrated and custom solutions to assist in reaching all design goals – with exceptional quality, efficiency and reliability – to ensure seamless connectivity for critical applications.

Will the Koch brothers shut this division down or do they need the cash to add to their billions by becoming part of the military industrial complex? Note, I said shut it down, not sell the division. In my book, selling a military organization, and thus keeping it in tact for someone else to run, is just as evil as running it.

Here's Molex on its missile related products:


 Land, sea and air-based ordinance with active guidance electronics such as GPS — from ground control systems to onboard missile electronics, including flight and targeting sensors, flight/engine control and fuzing.

Here's Molex on its military vehicle products:

Ground Vehicles
Integrated vehicular systems require networking to support data communications. Ruggedized products are required for harsh environments and secure integration with command centers and soldiers.

Molex is also a major player in DRONE sector:

The unmanned vehicle sector is the fastest-growing segment for the defense industry and includes systems from airframes as large as conventional aircraft to small handheld, hand-launched devices, as well as specific ground and naval systems.

Will the "libertarian" Koch brothers do the right thing and shut these operations down?


  1. Robert, I don't think the Kochs need to shut down these operations, only convert the entire production line to peacetime operations (i.e. beat swords into plowshares). That way the capital is preserved and put to use in useful ways. Note I don't expect the Kochs to do this either.

  2. The Neocons are neither Left nor Right. This is an example of it, here.