Monday, September 30, 2013

"In short, if you want it in two words, it's this: I'm done'

Karl Denninger is shutting down most of his income producing streams and mentally relocating to his version of Galt's Gulch.


  1. It sounds like he is evolving. It was sometimes painful to watch him going through the phases he needed to go through to get here. If he really is here.

    I frequented his site for a short time because I enjoyed some of the pretty darned good analysis that he was capable of on the markets. His political bent was always a tad painful. It does look like he is moving in a way that many of us have moved. It can be difficult and take time. Who am I kidding, it can be darned painful for those who are invested in certain ideas.

    I wish him the best. It is no insult to add that I wouldn't vote for him.

  2. Denninger invested a lot emotionnaly into BBRY and kept pumping the stock and their last cellphone, the Z10. His energy got destroyed by BBRY's stock performance and I'm pretty sure he's lost quite a bit of money too. His website shutting down is a natural consequence of his mind shutting down after such a devastating ego blow.

  3. Karl is a true renaissance man, possessing expert knowledge in many subjects. I have lurked on his site for years, looking forward to each commentary. I believe he is truly a member of what Ron Paul refers to as "the remnant".

  4. Living below one's means in internal exile and keeping your wealth in hard, movable property is the only way to rationally live with this abomination of a Corporate State.

    I'm glad KD finally figured it out.

  5. And Galt gets another resident in the gulch.