Sunday, September 8, 2013

Judas Christie Spotted in the Dallas Cowboys Owner's Box

Right now, NJ Governor Chris Christie is sitting in the owners box of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

The Cowboys are playing the New York Giants in Dallas, in tonight's nationally broadcast NFL game. New Jersey is of course Giants country.

In a television shot of  Christie and Jones, Christie was sitting right next to Jones. It looked like he was hoping to pick up loose change that might fall out of Jones' pockets. What an opportunist. Gold diggers have more reserve.


Dylan Byers is reporting that RNC chairman  Reince Priebus is also in the box:


  1. The oligarchy discussing their plans for the hoi polloi.

  2. Never get between Christie and the buffet food. I bet they'll have to restock a couple times.

  3. The Onion weighed in on the matter;,33782/