Thursday, September 12, 2013

Michelle Obama and The Crony Bottled Water Industry

Everything is becoming a government rigged game.

Politico reports:
The White House is leaning on a number of industry groups for its latest health push.

And according to White House visitor logs, a lobbyist for the top beverage industry association has visited the White House to meet with a top nutrition official.

First Lady Michelle Obama is launching her new Drink Up initiative at an event Thursday in Watertown, Wisconsin.

According to the White House, the American Beverage Association and International Bottled Water Association are both promoting the effort.

The two associations are the major lobbying forces inside the Beltway for both the bottled water and beverage association.[...] 
Top water brands Aquafina, BEVERLY HILLS 9OH2O, DASANI, EVIAN Natural Spring Water, Hint, Voss, WAT-AAH!, and NestlĂ© Waters brands (North America’s Arrowhead, Deer Park, Ice Mountain, NestlĂ© Pure Life, Ozarka, Poland Spring, resource and Zephyrhills will all help promote the new campaign. Many of those brands are owned by major American beverage companies.


  1. Inquiring minds may wish to read about the myth of drinking 8 glasses of water per day:

  2. "Top nutritional official"?

    I feel like we live in the old Soviet Union. A government official for almost everything anymore. There are so many "departments" anymore that I can't keep up with it.