Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Group Urges: Kentucky Should Do For Rand Paul What Texas Did For LBJ

Well, isn't this cute. A campaign has been launched to change Kentucky law for Rand Paul.

From the groups web page:
Kentucky law currently prohibits any individual from having his name appear on the ballot more than once, except “i he is a candidate for a primary or a regular election and also a candidate to fill a vacancy in the same office required to be filled at a special election.” (See KRS 118.405)

This stated, election law currently prohibits U.S. Senator Rand Paul from seeking Presidential Office in the coming general election -- something that he has hinted at -- as he has already committed to run for re-election as a U.S. Senator. 
The good news: law can be changed! The Kentucky Legislature has the power to give Rand – and the People – more options.
If grassroots activists mobilize now, the tables can be turned in Kentucky! If we act, Kentucky lawmakers could be persuaded to pass a special law that would allow Rand Paul to run for more than one office in 2016.
This sort of thing has been done before... The Texas legislature passed a special law for Lyndon Baines Johnson, allowing him to seek two offices simultaneously in the 1960 election.
This said, we need to demand that Kentucky do for Rand Paul what Texas did for LBJ!

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