Friday, September 13, 2013

Now That Syrian Policy is in Total Confusion, Guess What Obama Did Today

Fie under: Spending too much time on the Middle East.

 The President met today with Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al Sabah—the Amir of Kuwait.


  1. Here is what I think is going on with Syria. Obama isn’t dumb enough to start WW3 or think Putin will let him regime change a close ally without a fight. Why is Obama doing all this? Netanyahu was putting a lot of pressure him to strike Iran. He couldn’t oblige because Iran is next to the Persian Gulf and can shut down the world economy any time it wants. So he agrees to do Syria after the election and works out a deal with Putin, probably behind Netanyahu’s back. The deal is that Obama acts stupid on purpose to make Putin look like a hero and in return Assad gives up his WMDs. Netanyahu will have to settle for that. What choice does he have?

    And what about the neocon plan to reorganize the Middle East before Russia wakes up? It’s too late, Russia is back. It’s time to ‘pivot Asia’.

  2. Barry looks a little uncomfortable. Probably doesn't want to hold hands. Or maybe he just wants to trade places. Then he could be the one wearing the dress, servicing a harem, and giving the marching orders.